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marie kyoko morohoshi brings over 40 years of japanese zen buddhist based practices to her reiki table and meditation cushion.  

a daughter of immigrants, marie is a nisei (second generation japanese american) queer activist and reiki master & teacher. she received her level 1 & 2 reiki trainings in geneva, switzerland and later received her master reiki training in san francisco. her formative years were steeped in japanese culture that included rigorous training in chado ("the way of tea" in the urasenke tradition) and ikebana (aka "kado" or "the way of flowers") from the age of six till twenty one when she moved from LA's torrance/gardena area to san francisco, where she still currently lives and has an healing arts practice. marie also has a private practice in downtown oakland where she shares an office and holds a monthly "sound healing, acupuncture and meditation" gathering with acupuncturist Wanda Dabkoska of Kokoro Clinic.  

over the years, marie's path as a reiki practitioner has given her boundless opportunities to provide healing services to a wide range of clients and communities; some of the most rewarding and profound experiences include working with houseless folks at outdoor pop-up clinics in oakland as well as teaching reiki to young folks at Larkin Street Youth in san francisco. with great exuberance, marie has volunteered for the past four years with the oakland-based Healing Clinic Collective (HCC) where she more recently was called to integrate reiki and limpias for immigrants affected by the Tubbs Fire, the most destructive wildfire in the history of california. these multiple trips to the north bay impacted her practice  in such a way that she now incorporates limpias as a part of her offerings. shortly thereafter, she was invited by the HCC to join their collective as a core member for which she now helps to organize healing clinics that bring indigenous and traditional healing modalities to the underserved and traumatized populations of the bay area. and last, but not least... marie has a long herstory and deep connection working with the LGBTQI and POC communities and has worked extensively in-person and remotely with oncology clients during chemotherapy and post surgery. 

in her reiki practice, marie incorporates various tools including crystal singing bowls and other forms of sound healing as well as plant medicines which she often grows and harvests for ceremonies. she also brings in her understandings and the ways of her ceremonial community based on her deep affinity having tended the sacred fire for over a decade. 

as a reiki teacher, she feels most comfortable using an integrative approach relying on reiki's roots in Shugendō, Shinto, Taoism and esoteric Tantric Buddhism as a framework for her classes and outdoor retreats. in addition, years of cultural training and schooling via the Gardena Buddhist Church and her mother who (among many other positions held at the school there) was their calligraphy teacher has informed the way marie teaches and transmits the kanji (chinese characters) or "symbols" to her students. 

leading up to creating STARNATION REIKI, marie co-founded the berkeley-based Center for Transformative Change with rev. angel Kyodo williams, a residential “transformative practice community” rooted in the practice of zen meditation, supporting primarily people of color bridging their outer and inner worlds through meditation, yoga, and inner awareness practices. 

and finally, whenever marie gets a chance, she recharges at power spots up in the mountains and waterfalls of Buliyum Puyuuk (aka Mt Shasta) and her outlying areas. marie is most alive and happiest off the grid, basking in the magical light and medicine of sacred places between heaven and earth. below are photos from a pilgrimage she took at Kurama-Yama, Japan where Usui Sensei spent 3 weeks in deep meditation when he discovered and founded the practice of reiki 霊気.