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“Returning to the Shamanic & Buddhist Roots of Reiki: Shoden Level I & Okuden Level II Reiki Training attuned me to the unconditional love that flows through all living beings. We are the light crystals dancing on the surface of Castle Lake. We are the powerful surge of McCloud Falls. We communed with the highest level reiki in Mount Shasta. Now every city I go to, every endeavor I undertake, is met with those elements channeled through me. We women of color with bodies of earth and spirits for social justice are forces of nature as well!

Thank you. Maraming salamat. 
Marie Kyoko Morohoshi is a fearless leader and teacher. She tells it like it is and keeps the party going!! So excited to meet the next 12 reiki students. Issa movement to say the least. Love you and can’t wait to connect!!"

melorie serrano masacupan, reiki practitioner (for the real low down, check out her video testimonial above)

i initially met marie when we were volunteering at the youth and young adult healing clinic in oakland. i immediately felt her warmth and the brightness of her energy and was so excited to meet another practitioner of color, grounded in community and social justice values. meeting marie has been very meaningful for me as she has become an important part of my growth as a reiki practitioner as both as a teacher and a friend.

after having gone through reiki training previously, i wanted to deepen my learning and practice and went through reiki 2 okuden and reiki 3 shinpiden training with marie. marie brings so much joy, skill, expertise, and warmth to her teaching. she provides concrete tools and practice in her training as well as a playfulness and joy that feels so important for this kind of work. in addition, her practice and teaching is grounded in her own experiences as a Japanese-American woman, the cultural specificity and history of reiki, how to practice it with intention and respect.

i continue to return to the deep lessons and practical skills i was able to take away from working with marie in both my personal and professional reiki practice. i'm so grateful for marie's wisdom and to have her as a teacher along my spiritual and healing path."
mai doan, reiki practitioner


"My experience with Marie has been nothing but positive and healing. From her kindness, to her flexibility and ease. Marie makes you feel truly cared for. I mainly see Marie in San Francisco, and she always makes me feel right at home and creates a lovely sense of connection and community.

I would like to highlight one specific session. It was the third session I had with Marie, over the course of about two months. I was in a depressed mood, with low energy, and my body felt drained and tense. I was definitely in a funk, and didnt know what to do to release it. My body was also achy. I tried acupuncture a few times before coming in for a Reiki session, but that was not really working. I knew I needed to move some energy!

The experience was amazing! The moment we started, I felt my body sink. As we moved through the session, my body reacted in ways it never had before. I could feel the energy just moving through and clearing. When the session was over, I automatically felt better! I slept like a baby that night and woke up, with no notice of depression. I was able to get through my day with lots of positive energy and was very productive at work.  

I feel really very blessed to have come across Marie, and am so grateful for her gift!"
⏤ Louise H., LCSW

"I met Marie on recommendation from a friend, who knew I was going to be visiting the Bay Area to get some work done on my PhD dissertation.

I arrived at her Oakland studio vibrating with stress! I had been away from my home, partner, and child for three weeks already and missed them terribly. I was also feeling intense pressure to be productive in the short time I would be in California. I had been blocked with my writing for over three years, and in that time had also begun to process some past trauma in my life that has been holding me back from finishing this graduate degree that I started over ten years ago and moving on with my life. I also had been suffering from an unexplained pain in my torso under my ribs for months that would show up during times of intense stress.

By the end of our hour together on the table, I was vibrating again, but with a new energy and power. It was my first reiki experience, and it was exactly what I needed. As Marie told me the next time we saw each other (I ended up seeing her weekly for a total of three sessions before leaving California to return home), I was like a "ripe avocado" ready to be sliced open. Indeed, the reiki sessions opened me up and exposed my ripeness for healing and emerging with my strength and voice. By the end of our time together, my writers block had all but disappeared, but more surprisingly, the pain in my torso was completely gone, my heart and throat chakras were open, I was doing handstands and full arm balances in yoga class, and I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Marie, I am so grateful to you for holding space for my healing, and for journeying with me to find my light and power.
JL, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"the healing miracle's name is...marie morohoshi. this lovely goddess holds such grounded, REAL, effective space - I am more whole and more happy and more me every single time I'm lucky enough to get off her healing table. the thing I love most about marie's stellar work is how she's able to address what I bring to her with EASE and humor - this magic being is one of the bay area's best healers, and I'm so honored to get to receive regular work from her. thanks for helping me create such MAGIC in my life, marie!"
anna dorian, founder vibrant reiki

“I came to Marie at a point in my life where I was utterly exhausted. I was working too much, putting other people’s needs first, and not caring for myself properly. Marie spotted my mess as soon as I walked in the door. She listened to me, gave me a long look and said, “We’re going to start with something else, ok?” and proceeded to give me a much needed limpia before we did Reiki.

I felt restored and whole after our Reiki session but I knew this, for me, was not a quick-fix situation. I booked a package and saw Marie 3 times in the next two months. I committed to myself & my healing to assist with some transitions I was navigating and am so grateful for Marie’s deep listening skills, cariño, wisdom, and healing magic. She saw me through the process with sweetness and humor.

I’m thankful for my friend who attends her meditation class for the introduction!"
Marian, Reiki Practitioner

"After my surgery, I reached out to Marie over the phone and explained how I was experiencing a severe amount of pain for some time following surgery. During our conversation, she offered to send distant reiki to my belly/sacral area and we hung up with the understanding that we’d get together soon. Some minutes later, I was shocked to discover that my abdominal pain had substantially subsided and I called her back immediately to ask her what she had done.

I was pretty amazed at the power of Reiki healing."
Betty T.

"Marie is the magical auntie I have been blessed with encountering on my life path! She is PURE MAGICAL GOODNESS! I feel so blessed to have found such a genuine magical womyn and to be honored to be a receiver of her gifts.

Honestly, just being in Marie's presence catalyses healing. Marie is medicine. Even her emails catalyze healing within me! She is that magical! In one session she had me feeling 188% better than I had for a while. She was able to help me decipher the messages my body holds, but also clear the energies I needed to let go of to continue strongly on my healing process. Even more are her reminder that our Momma Earth, Tonantzin, holds many messages and medicine I need to continue to listen to.

Tlazocamatli magical womyn!! Many, many thanks for sharing your magic with me. I feel so ready to rise into my power that I knew was buried in me and you guided me in finding. I am dearly grateful for you!!!!"
Blessings, Kelly Ortega

"I want to share a profound healing experience I had 4 nights ago, receiving remote reiki / healing energy work from a friend in San Francisco, CA. We set up a session time, and she asked very specific things about my diagnosis that needed attention. She asked for my full name, set it on a placard on her altar, then asked me to put some time aside to just relax and receive. Wow. Let me emphasize that I was physically alone in my room. I don't know what I expected but shortly after we begun, I felt hands on my body. Prickly and turbulent energy started to move through my body, it was actually a bit disconcerting at first. Then it gave way to streams of calm, blissful, healing, loving energy. we did this for about an hour. and wow, I slept like a baby that night, and it made a huge difference. If anyone is interested in working with Marie Kyoko Morohoshi let me know!!!"
richard wright
(exerpt from his recovery update to friends and family)

"I recently had a healing session with miss Marie; I am still feeling the effects a week out. The session consisted of a limpia and a reiki segment -- each held its own potency and magic. I was brought to a trance-like state on her table. I found myself falling in and out of dreamy consciousness. First, lulled by the comfortability of the scene and then again roused by the powerful energies she was running through my body. She attended me with such care. She thoroughly addressed my personal concerns. She even explained some of the tools she chose to use on me and why. I left her table feeling delicious. I was at once gooey and alive with good feeling. I am so grateful to her and her gift. I am currently enjoying paying witness to her work as it continues to unfold in my body and mind. What Marie offers as a healer is rare. I adamantly recommend her to anyone in need of some healing (so everyone). Thank you Marie! I am so grateful for what you've given me." (first session)

"I just wanted to let you know that I finally was able to say my full accumulated piece to my dad and steer the conversation :) I don't know if it will produce any results but it was empowering for me whatever the results. I wanted to thank you because I feel like the healing you gave me (especially with the concentration on my throat) really made that exchange possible!" (second session)
Haily Lewis-Eastman

"I have experienced deep love and skillful care from Marie. While receiving many blessed healings from her, I’ve felt beautifully held and divinely attended. She is a goddess of many magical guises and her healing artistry is generous, sure and grounded. I walk away from these sessions feeling both softened and strengthened. It’s a day counted lucky that I get to spend on Marie’s cozy table <3"
Madeline HD Brown, You Are Magick

“Spent the day with my beautiful friend Marie Kyoko Morohoshi. Thank you girl for a wonderful day of light and love. Being in your healing hands has helped me sooooo much. I am thankful for you in so many ways. Love, laughter and light is what you bring to my life!”
Namaste, Linda

"Marie is an outstanding reiki specialist. I experienced deep relaxation which I never did before. The healing was truly transformative." ⏤ Nusrat Rabee

"Marie is full of magic and anyone who gets the pleasure of meeting her will see what I mean quite quickly! She works from a motivation of love for her community and a deep respect for the natural and spiritual allies who naturally bless & guide her work. The Violet Ray follows her and works through her sessions alongside the ancestors and plant allies who she has built deep loving relationships with. I have walked through her garden, seen and experienced the healing power of the sacred tobaccos and white sage that grow so willingly abundant in her San Francisco home, and I've watched her carefully tend them with the same diligent attention she gives to her clients. I am an herbalist, and I have rarely seen sacred plants as happy as hers! As an energy worker, Marie anchors her work with the important elements of ceremony that make a deeper level of healing possible and distinguish her from others in her field. Always starting by calling in the ancestors and natural elements that facilitate a safe, deep, and multi-dimensional healing process, Marie innately moves in a sacred and magical way. She is a beautiful person inside out, and works with a natural gift that permeates all she does. Just being in her presence will bring those around her joy and healing. I am very grateful to have been on the receiving end of her gifts as a friend, peer, and practitioner."
Layla Kristy Feghali, MSW, Holistic Herbal Therapist & Ancestral Remembrance Coordinator

"I'm always amazed by who Creator brings into my life. Marie Morohoshi is one of them.

I remember after my first Reiki session with Marie, a friend and fellow observer of my waning energy, noted in amazement how much better I looked. Layers of what did not belong to me completely fell away and apparently it was really obvious. I knew from my friend's observation and how renewed I felt that Reiki needed to be a part of my self-care practice and Marie would be my chosen primary Reiki Practitioner.

Folks who know me know I'm hella particular when it comes to practitioners and personal sovereignty. The modality of Reiki may not be for everyone or one may need a different kind of practice but if you're sensitive to energies like me, I highly recommend a trustworthy Reiki practitioner like Marie to guide you and empower you with your own healing and care."
Sheridan Noelani Enomoto

"When Marie offered me a Reiki session, I didn’t know what to expect because I had never had one. I was struggling with anxiety and some depression. I remember my entire body relaxing and a feeling of ease softening my breath after a few minutes. Shortly afterwards, I saw my uncle Dje Dje’s face. He stood above me, by my side, watching me. I was surprised because I hadn’t thought of him in many years. Marie told me that she was asking one of my ancestors to come forward to give me strength and grounding. What fascinated me the most was that Dje Dje came. He was the one who delivered me. There was a major snow storm the day I was born. My father was unable to track down an ambulance because the roads were impossible to travel. My uncle Dje Dje lived upstairs from us and was called to help my mother deliver me. So when he appeared during my Reiki session, I was certain that Marie was also called to do this work."
Nsomeka Gomes

"I have been suffering from anxiety, insomnia, physical pain (you name it) for a number of years due to stress from taking care of aging parents. My mom passed away two years ago after a long battle with a rare illness. Life was a perfect storm needless to say. I have tried many things to ease the pain and calm the mind throughout these years, including prescription drugs, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and etc. Recently, I have been getting weekly reiki sessions from Marie, and after each session, I was able to sleep without sleeping pills.! I cannot tell you how rare such an occurrence is. Marie's reiki energy is pretty amazing (she does long distance reiki on me) and I feel its calming effect on my mind and body. It will obviously take more than a few sessions. But I am going to be diligent with the reiki treatment, and I want to encourage folks to give reiki a try. I am slowly tapering off my anti-anxiety pills. It is not easy, but reiki (as well as the more obvious like exercise, diet and good friends), have helped a lot. Trust me, it is much better than being on prescription drugs!!!"

"I loved working with Marie to help me before, during, and post surgery. I felt quite calm and at peace after our sessions. She helped me in the week after my surgery and the sessions left me quite relaxed and pain-free. I highly recommend Marie to help you deal with health issues. My sessions were mainly long-distance and in-person and both types helped in my recovery."