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we’re happy to announce that we’ll be giving out extra points this month!

that is, extra acupuncture points to help address the residuals still lingering from winter (kidney points) and to assist in the transition into spring (liver and gall bladder points). 

I M A G I N E. . . 
laying down on a yoga mat receiving an acupuncture treatment while healing sound waves wash over you. coupled with the healing frequencies from crystal singing bowls from across the room and the Solfeggio 528 Hz Miracle Tone showering down from the speakers above, we'll have you floating somewhere between heaven and earth. 
wanda and I designed these sessions with the intention of bringing complimentary modalities and instruments (needles, crystal singing bowls, breath techniques and such) to help harness your body’s own natural healing abilities. we’ve packed plenty into a seamless hour and a half so you can happily wrap up your weekend in a most yummy way and begin the week refreshed and *enlivened*.

if this resonates for you, join us this SUNDAY APRIL 28th for a self-care date with yourself where there’s nowhere to go, no one to tend to, no situation to concern yourself with. just BE and feel free to let yourself gooooooooooooo!

bring a pillow, blanket, bolster or another pillow to place under the knees for back support. PLS register in advance by paying online (see deets below).
and we’ll ride the sit out with our fellow needled co-pilots.

mark your calendars for EVERY LAST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH ‘cept next month

- May 19
- June 23
- July 28
- August 25
- meditation and sound healing only $20
- including acupuncture $30
online registration & payment:
- Venmo: @starnation
- Paypal:
once you make your online payment, kindly note on the memo line: sound healing & acu-love
or register at the door:
- credit/debit card
- cash
- check
- TASC card

339 15th street/webster
suite 333
oakland, ca 94612

ADA ACCESSIBLE. PLS take the elevator to the third floor. 

- free and easy street parking
- 7 minute walk from downtown oakland bart stations
about our practitioners...

marie kyoko morohoshi | meditation instructor | reiki practitioner
marie kyoko morohoshi brings over 40 years of japanese zen-based practices to her reiki table and meditation cushion. read more

Wanda Dabkoska | Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Wanda is passionate about Chinese Medicine and loves educating her patients and her community about the many beautiful and profound aspects of this ancient and still relevant medicine. Read more.

for more deets, check out the fb event link.


some additional info about why we're adding extra winter and spring acupuncture points this sunday, april 28th.
“The Emotional Side of Spring Cleansing and the Liver/Gall Bladder“ by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
“According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, SPRING is the quintessential time of creating, cleansing, activity and movement, growth, and renewal.
It’s also an auspicious time to focus on releasing emotions that no longer serve us—specifically those rooted in anger, resentment, frustration, and lethargy.
Just like bare, dormant trees beginning to grow buds and blossom; we too can harness the power of spring to slough off the old and usher in a fresh, beautiful new experience of health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.

Spring is one of the best times of year to make some intentional personal and emotional development progress. Why? Because the Liver, as the Yin organ, is responsible for the smooth flow of blood and emotions throughout the body. It is also the organ most affected by stagnant emotions and stress.
Therefore, Liver stagnation or an overactive Liver can cause some significant emotional build up. The Gall Bladder, as the Yang organ partner to the Liver, is responsible for storing and excreting bile and governs decision making, planning, dreaming, inspiration, and assertiveness.
If you’ve been waiting for the right time and the right back-pressure to inspire an emotional or spiritual breakthrough, take advantage of the spring season. While bolstering Liver/Gall Bladder health can help move nearly all emotions and stressors, the following emotional discords are directly related to these organs according to Chinese Medicine wisdom:

* Anger
* Depression
* Frustration
* Inability to forgive
* Indecisiveness
* Irritability
* Lack of assertion
* Lethargy
* Letting go of old habits or pain
* Procrastination
* Rage
* Resentment
* Unfulfilled desires
In contrast (and more importantly), the emotional signs of healthy Liver/Gall Bladder Qi flow include:

* A forgiving spirit
* Assertiveness
* Decisive
* Even-temper/go with the flow
* Fulfilled
* Happiness
* Inspired
* Joy
* Passionate
* Willingness to let go

**Happy Spring, y’all! Hope you’re all striving to be the best version of yourselves**