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Returning to the Shamanic & Buddhist Roots of Reiki: Levels 1 & 2 Training Retreat with STARNATION REIKI

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Returning to the Shamanic & Buddhist Roots of Reiki: Levels 1 & 2 Training Retreat with STARNATION REIKI

  • HESTIA MT SHASTA RETREAT CENTER 3935 Stewart Springs Road Weed, CA, 96094 United States (map)

For those who wish to train in Reiki 靈氣 Level 1 (Shoden) and 2 (Okuden) in the mountain areas and power spots of Mount Shasta (referred as Buliyum Puyuuk by the Winnemem Wintu Tribe), while staying overnight at Hestia Mt Shasta Retreat Center located on the banks of the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs, we invite you to jump in this reiki river with us. You’ll get to slow down and cultivate your vessel (mind, body & spirit) while dropping deeply into nature. If this calls you, please join us for a 3.5 day Reiki training retreat led by STARNATION REIKI founder and shihan (teacher), marie kyoko morohoshi 諸星京子.

An invitation to connect back to Source, the 10 acre forest at Hestia Retreat Center along with the waterfalls of the Winnemem River (aka McCloud River) and Castle Lake will serve as our classroom as we explore and learn: 

  • what is Reiki 靈氣 and the etymology of its kanji characters

  • the syncretic spiritual influences and history of Reiki 

  • the Gokai: Reiki Principles & Precepts and its recitation in Japanese & English

  • Reiju (attunement or transmission/empowerment)

  • 4 shirushi (symbols) and their brush strokes & sequence via Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) and corresponding jumon (mantra/incantation)

  • hand positions to practice on yourself and others

  • how to scan and use intuition as a guide for a session

  • distant reiki to send across time and space 

  • the 7 basic chakras & how to measure them

  • full practice session with others including how to properly open and close

  • and more... 

invoices available for training tax deductions

Venmo: @starnation

BALANCE DUE first day of class:  Venmo, PayPal, cash or check preferred.
credit or debit cards also accepted. 

Cost includes all meals, training materials, a mineral bath at Stewart Mineral Springs Resort, and comfortable shared accommodations at Hestia.

Registration link forthcoming via Hestia Mount Shasta Retreat Center.

Updated FB event page shall be posted here, so please check back with us by June 10, 2019.

If you have any questions, feel free to email:

About reiki instructor, marie kyoko morohoshi

About Hestia Mount Shasta Retreat Center

Limited to only 12 participants in order to maintain an intimate and deep container. 

a path among the cedar forest of Kurama-dera (転法輪堂), this temple was founded in 770 AD and is located north of Kyoto where marie gleefully set foot for a pilgrimage in the spring of 2015. considered a power spot and a sacred mountain where the yamabushi (mountain ascetics) practice shugendo ("path of training to achieve spiritual powers") is also the mountain temple where Usui Sensei undertook a 21-day period of shugyo (physical & spiritual discipline) which led to the discovery of a reiho (a spiritual method) called Reiki 霊気. 

Melorie Serrano Masacupan sings and speaks to us about how her life has profoundly shifted since she received her reiki levels 1 and 2 trainings and attunements by marie kyoko morohoshi of starnation reiki. 

Melorie now recognizes how the creative life force courses through all living things and weaves interconnectedness through all of us. Even synchronicities feel like they occur on a regular basis and “narratives about myself have dropped and only life giving things have stayed; that’s all I got room for these days.”

an inspiring testimony for those who seek to train in the forests and nearby waterfalls of mama shasta with starnation reiki. 

in order to create an intimate container, we will limit the retreat to 12 students. QTPOC folx to the front and those with a meditation practice are strongly encouraged to participate.

SAVES THE DATES: OCT 11-14, 2019

Earlier Event: May 24