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earth medicine, cleansings & limpias


precious plantita pericón

pictured here from my yard is the potent and fragrant pericon (aka tagetes lucida or marigold) which was captured just after the rains. it’s an herb with many talents and uses of which one can be found in the curandismo tradition of Mexico for limpias (energetic cleansings) which in my experience has been a tremendously powerful plantita ally when performing an energetic cleansing for someone prior to a reiki session. she is also used for dreaming and healing work and for this reason, I am honored that starnation reiki is the official grower for Ancestral Apothecary’s ancestral dreaming & healing tincture called Luz de Abuelita which can be purchased here.


Marie has a powerful presence. She came to my place for both space clearing and a Reiki session. It was about a month ago and I am still receiving the benefits. She brought plants medicines from her garden that smelled wonderful and used her Feng Shui and Reiki knowledge to clear the space carefully. I am an energy therapist and noticed the shift taking place while she was doing it. During the Reiki session my body went through some intense energetic release that felt very grounding. I am so thankful for the sense of clarity and serenity that her visit brought into the space.
— Adrian Chaves, Innatus Massage & Energy Therapy
I had my home energetically cleansed today, my new kitchen, drawers, bathrooms, bed, you name it, she blessed and cleansed it! Reiki Master Marie Morohoshi even saged and blessed Dioji 🐕 so we both can live happily, nourished with joy and light!  I’m so thankful!
— Lillian Shiiba